Traumatic Dental Injuries

Our primary goal is to help save your teeth. We provide specialized treatment specifically geared towards prevention, detection and treatment of endodontic disease.

Centre Endodontique de Montréal - Traumatic Dental Injuries

Regeneration/Revascularization of Infected Immature Teeth

Endodontists are specially trained in the management of traumatized teeth. Pulp damage is sometimes caused by a traumatic injury to a tooth. A crack can expose and injure the pulp. In many cases, especially in young teeth, the pulp can be saved with the proper treatment. Sometimes just a blow to a tooth that is not fully developed can cause the pulp to become infected and its root to stop growing.

It was once thought impossible for an infected tooth with an immature root to continue to grow. Advances in endodontics in the last few years have now shown that the root canal space can be disinfected and then with proper management, stem cells present in the periapical tissues can be stimulated to aid in the regeneration or revascularization of the dental pulp. This allows for continued root development – a phenomenon that allows us to save teeth that were previously untreatable!