3D Imaging

Our treatments are performed with the most current equipment and technology, including 3D Imaging, surgical operating microscopes, ultrasonic instruments, and bio-compatible materials.

Centre Endodontique de Montréal - 3D Imaging + DPR

Limited Field 3D Imaging

3D Imaging is an extra-oral diagnostic imaging tool that provides high-resolution, accurate three-dimensional (3D) scans of the teeth, jaws and facial structures. Our limited field 3D Imaging device (CARESTREAM) provides the highest possible resolution scans at the lowest possible radiation dose. CBCT is a valuable aid that provides additional information that cannot be obtained using intra-oral radiographs alone. With this technology, we are able to make more accurate diagnoses, which allow us to formulate better treatment plans and achieve more predictable and successful treatment outcomes. We pride ourselves in being the first endodontic specialty office in Montreal to incorporate this high-resolution radiographic technology into our practice.

X-Ray Safety

3D Imaging: The Carestream system produces the smallest field of view images on the market, resulting in the lowest possible radiation exposure to our patients. Exposure values range from 5-.3-38.3 μSv depending on what area of the mouth is being imaged, which equals 1-5 days of natural background radiation, or 4 conventional intra-oral radiographs. Dental CT scans use roughly 100 times less radiation than medical CT scans, making them very safe for patients.